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"One Woman's War is an incredible read set against the dramatic backdrop of civil war. Based in Serbia, the story deftly weaves elements of several genres into one gripping story. There is suspense, drama, love, all perfectly seasoned with culture and the eternal truths of life.

Because One Woman's War is so tightly plotted, it is difficult to write a comprehensive review without risking spoilers! Suffice it to say there is something for everyone in this book. You want fast-paced storytelling? It's here. You want a love story? It's here. Prefer tales of justice and revenge? You'll find that too.

I highly recommend One Woman's War and look forward to Nogulich's next literary offering!"
Craig A. Hart
5 Out of 5 Stars

I finished reading your novel, One Woman’s War, and turned the last page with goosebumps of anticipation, a wellspring of deep satisfaction, but also with a sigh of disappointment in that I could’ve easily continued on with these delicious characters and riveting story.“I finished reading your novel, One Woman’s War, and turned the last page with goosebumps of anticipation, a wellspring of deep satisfaction, but also with a sigh of disappointment in that, I could’ve easily continued on with these delicious characters and riveting story. Simply put – your book is gloriously good! This is such a well-crafted story so wonderfully told that it clearly rises to the level of art. I mean that – art. It is thrilling, awe-inspiring, and humbling to read a book where each sentence is a delectable morsel or mouthful. Your use of metaphors to generate emotional clarity is so good I gasped out loud many times. The depth of emotion and insight you bring to your characters – and thus the reader – as well as the philosophical and spiritual questioning of life’s many conundrums that are wrestled with, create quite a journey indeed. It resonates far beyond the last page and the closing of the book for it resides in your heart.
Bill Froehlich
“MacGyver” “The Outer Limits”

"Ms. Nogulich writes with compassion, humor, and deep insight. One dramatic situation matures into the next clearly and without sentimentality. As a whole, and sentence-by-sentence, it is a beautiful book."
David Mamet
Pulitzer Prize-winning Writer

"Natalija Nogulich, the noted acolyte of Thespis, has given us many memorable performances on both screen and stage, but this time she has accomplished it with words on the page. ONE WOMAN'S WAR is a tour-de-force in what it means to craft a story so compelling that you simply cannot put it down. She has artfully married words into unique turns-of-phrase that are delicious morsels for the reading to dine on, page-after-riveting-page, until the very end.
Marko Perko, Author/Polemicist/Editor

"This stunning novel reminds one of a symphony comprised not of notes, but words. The first movement evokes Tolstoy-like depiction of Slavic peasant life, idyllic that turns ugly; forcing the heroine to flee to New York City for an interlude of promise and love.  The last and third movement is a return to the ‘old country’ where revenge and redemption make for a gripping climax.  A truly remarkable read!
James Trivers, Author

With ONE WOMAN’S WAR, Natalija Nogulich has written a timeless and profoundly moving first novel – a story and characters which will reverberate long after the last page is turned.  In a style and prose that is uniquely her own, ONE WOMAN’S WAR reads as if the words had grown from the very soil itself, so authentic is the voice speaking from the pages of this book.  Rich and powerful ONE WOMAN’S WAR touches one to the core – this book is a MUST read!
Susan England

This book demands attention to the personal side of a conflict, to the innate damage and profound healing that accompanies war.  But, for Nogulich, the war goes much farther than political strife – she handles the carnage of divorce and betrayals of friendship in the same details, with vivid acumen, that she frames clashes between cultures.  Her work is moving in its honesty and delicate in its style.  Her characters are at once strangers and loved ones, reminiscent of all of our ancestors and of ourselves.
Yael Prizant, Ph.D.

"I couldn't put the book down once started until I finished it. I felt every page. It was very real. The story was beautiful, excellently written, the author depicts beautifully the heart of the Serbian people & the situation that has been going on and how well it affects individual lives, families, and a beautiful love story unfolds as well. The reader is captivated!"
Joy Diacou

"The story told in this book is marvelously engaging and satisfying. I finished reading it several weeks ago, yet the characters remain alive in my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed being transported to the small Serbian village where I observed a lifestyle and customs different from mine. I knew there was a particularly heartbreaking episode coming in the main character's life (no spoiler alert- it was mentioned in the book description). It took me 3 days and many deep breaths- so closely did I identify with this character- to read through it. Ms. Nogulich's account of the aftermath of this event was so authentic that I, too, endured Yelena's despair. This story unfolds with warmth, humor and a healthy dose of spiritualism. It exemplifies the resilience and devotion of a young mother as she learns to go on with her life without relinquishing her past. This tale/adventure/tragedy/romance/drama made such an impact on me that I did not want it to end- I will keep looking for a sequel. And that, my friends, is the sign of a good story!"
Judy Bulloch

"One Woman's War is one woman's masterpiece. Natalija Nogulich, consummate actor of stage and screen has delivered a historical novel that glows in the dark. It is storytelling at its best. Filled with love and loss, revenge and redemption, Ms. Nogulich has the gift to simply weave a complex tapestry of epic drama with one woman's own destiny, that spans generations and continents. The first installment in a trilogy, One Woman's War is a compelling page turner, funny, poignant, bittersweet, and beautifully written with a sense of poetry and life's absurdities. It is a must read."
Gary Koppel

"One Woman's War is a heartfelt saga of one woman's courage and strength in the face of the terrible tragedy she suffers in her quiet village turned upside down by the cruel divisions of war. Natalija Nogulich understands the worlds of her heroine and paints a loving picture of the once peaceful village where her family has thrived for generations. She writes with a tender appreciation of those rich worlds."
Martha Ferris

"Just finished Natalja Nogulich's debut novel "ONE WOMAN'S WAR". In one word: WOW! You want more? It's raw, it's colorful, and it has a pulpy energy that kept me up reading until FOUR IN THE @#@#@# MORINING!!! Had to throw my circadian clock out the window!!! "ONE WOMAN'S WAR" has got it all: action, passion, love, horror, exotic locales, slivovitz and stuffed cabbage. You will leave "ONE WOMAN'S WAR" entertained. You will leave it with a bigger heart. Enjoy!"
Kevin O'Meara
Author and Actor

A Masterpiece!

"A page turner that will leave you informed, encouraged and inspired. This book is so well composed that the author evidently has a true love for the written word. You will be caught by surprise many times by some twists and turns in the plot, but never disappointed. The main character is likable, familiar, funny and has a love of life that is put to the test. She suffers unimaginable heartache and grief. Her life's journey will have you riveted to this book 'till the very last page. The story is a lesson in life that will hit a nerve in all of us, yet, leave you feeling better for it. Read the book and find the many treasures within... I have."
Linda C.

A story with history.

"It was a wonderful story about Serbian people from Kosovo. Tradition and history were very well presented. The flow of the book is easy to follow and historically accurate, keeps the reader interested."

Could not put it down!!

"In "One Woman's War," Ms. Nogulich has created deeply textured characters with whom we become fully engaged. She then takes us to a complex world where family, politics, religion, and hundreds of years of history intertwine as she weaves a captivating and exciting tale of faith, love, and devotion. Her story touches a chord with those of us with European backgrounds, reminding us of the suffering of those who sacrificed so much so we could have better lives here. It is clear Miss Nogulich writes from a foundation of love and respect for her ancestry and is sustained by a deep faith."
Joseph F. Gandurski

"The images of the Serbian conflict that is still going on was eye opening and heart-wrenching. Yet in contrast, the author’s Gracie Allen reference perfectly showed the sweet, wirily, humorous side of young Yelena as she struggled to find peace in a new life. Beautifully written!"
Patricia Flaherty

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